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Youthful Skin and Effective Wrinkle Treatment with Hydrogen-Rich Water

Repeatedly immersing in hydrogen-rich water and applying skin poultices enriched with hydrogen enhance wrinkles and blotches while influencing the balance of skin oil levels and moisture.

Elevate Your Skin’s Radiance: Achieve Smooth, Youthful Skin with the Power of Hydrogen-Rich Water, Reducing Wrinkles and Blemishes While Balancing Your Skin’s Oil Levels and Hydration.


The potential anti-aging effects of hydrogen-rich warm water (HW) on the skin have not been previously validated. This study involved daily 10-minute HW exposure (with dissolved hydrogen concentrations ranging from 338 to 682 μg/mL, at 41 °C) through bathing and the use of HW-impregnated towels for periods ranging from 11 to 98 days. These interventions were shown to significantly improve wrinkle severity at 29 different skin locations, reducing it from 3.14 ± 0.52 to 1.52 ± 0.74 (p < 0.001). Likewise, blotch severity at 23 locations decreased from 3.48 ± 0.67 to 1.74 ± 0.92 (p < 0.001) in a cohort of five healthy subjects aged 49 to 66 years.

These improvements were meticulously evaluated using densitometry and planimetry techniques with Image-J software, resulting in six hierarchical rankings (0, 1–5).

Furthermore, this study observed that the impact of HW on skin oiliness exhibited a unique pattern: it increased in individuals with initially oil-poor skin but decreased in those with excessively oily skin. This indicates that HW has the potential to modulate skin oiliness, as evidenced by a significant negative correlation between baseline oiliness levels and changes after HW application (r = −0.345, 23 locations).

Skin moisture content also experienced significant changes following HW application, with a negative correlation observed (r = −0.090, 23 locations) between initial moisture levels and post-HW-application moisture changes. This suggests that HW application effectively replenished moisture in individuals with water-deficient skin (27.5–40% moisture), but not in those with already well-hydrated skin (>41% moisture).

In summary, the combined use of HW baths and HW poultices demonstrated beneficial effects on various aspects of skin appearance, including wrinkles, blotches, and moisture/oiliness levels. Some of these improvements may be attributed to an enhanced antioxidant capacity in the blood, as previously demonstrated in HW bath studies.


3.1. The Impact of Wrinkle Improvement in Five Participants Through Hydrogen-Rich Warm Water Baths and Face Poultices
A group of five individuals underwent a regimen involving daily baths in hydrogen-rich warm water (HW) ranging from 338–682 μg/L (also expressed as ppb) at a temperature of 41°C. This regimen was supplemented with 6.86–9.02 × 107 nano-bubbles/mL. The participants followed this routine daily for 11–98 consecutive days. During each 10-minute bath session, the subjects had a towel, soaked with fresh HW, regularly applied to the specific areas of their skin every 3 minutes. Photographs were taken for each subject to capture the regions where wrinkles became narrower, shallower, fainter, or even disappeared following HW bathing and face washing (Figure 1A–H).

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Figure 1 illustrates the positive effects of various treatments on wrinkles in a group of five participants. These treatments involved either a 10-minute bathing session or repetitive three-time 3-minute face poultice applications using hydrogen-rich warm water. The severity of wrinkles was categorized into six levels (-, ±, +, ++, +++, ++++, +++++).

(A–C): Notable reduction in small wrinkles around the outer corner of the right eye, indicated by a yellow dotted circle.

(D): Significant reduction in wrinkles around a forehead mole, as marked by a circle.

(E): Prominent reduction in wrinkles on the left cheek, highlighted by circles.

(F): Marked improvement in wrinkles between the eyebrows, also indicated by circles.

(G): Visible improvement in wrinkles on both nasolabial folds, as indicated by circles.

(H): Prior to hydrogen application, among the four wrinkles at the outer corners of the right eye, as indicated by circles, the second wrinkle from the top (highlighted by an arrow) was initially shallow and thin. However, the second wrinkle had nearly disappeared following the treatment, and the other three wrinkles had become shallower and shorter.

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hydrogen 03 00011 g003c 550

Figure 2 illustrates the positive effects on blemishes in a study involving five participants who underwent a regimen of bathing and applying hydrogen-rich warm water poultices. Similar to Figure 1A–H, these five subjects engaged in a daily routine of hydrogen-rich warm water baths (HW) for a duration of 10 minutes, spanning 11–98 consecutive days. The blemished areas on their faces were categorized based on the extent and density of the blemishes into six levels (-, ±, +, ++, +++, ++++, +++++).

(A): Noticeable reduction in blemishes on the right cheek, both in the original and magnified views.

(B): Significant reduction in a widespread blemish on the right cheek, indicated by a circle.

(C): Marked reduction in blemishes on the left cheek, as highlighted and magnified.

(D): Prominent reduction in blemishes located on the back of the left hand.

Source: MDPI


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