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Vacuum type Hydrogen Water Bag

Vacuum type Hydrogen Water Bag

Vacuum type Hydrogen water bag

Portable Hydrogen water bag. Designed to maintain Hydrogen concentration after discharge from a server.

Portable Hydrogen water bag. Designed to maintain Hydrogen concentration after discharged from a server.


Maintains 90-100% of Hydrogen concentration for 7 days.
2 sizes: 500ml and 1,000ml.
Reusable / Easy to clean.
Patented in Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and the USA.

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Going out with high-concentration Hydrogen Water in your bag!

Many people know today that Hydrogen Water is Good for Health.
But how you carry is a question when you want to enjoy Hydrogen Water in your daily life.
Regular plastic bottles cannot hold the Hydrogen dissolved inside the water.

H2-Bag, having specially designed Check Valve (non-return valve), gives the solution for that!
This is a Vacuum Storage Bag to match Hydrogen Water carriage.
Its Metal material air tight body doesn’t allow Hydrogen escaping outside easily.
Enjoy hi-concentration Hydrogen Water with H2-bag. And it is Reusable by cleaning regularly.

Unique structure of the H2-BAG
Best Match with any Hydrogen Water Products

If you drink Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen will penetrate every cell of the whole body within 20 minutes.
Although, even if you drink too much at one time, Hydrogen will disappear quickly.
Therefore, the most effective method is to drink frequently every day.
And then you definitely think of carrying the hydrogen water with you in your bag.
However, you cannot carry it in normal bottles as the Hydrogen, the smallest molecule on the planet, can easily escape.

Our H2-BAG is designed to carry Hydrogen Water in high -concentration for long time.

  • – Metal body that does not pass hydrogen molecules.
  • – Check valve maintains the vacuum inside the bag even when it is opened and closed.

Body Material : Aluminium

Dimension : 500ml – 239H / 135W / 60D (mm)  /  1000ml – 239H / 135W / 60D (mm)

Product Comparison

The unique structure of H2-BAG seen in product comparison.
Check Valve (non-return valve) functions upon technology

Vacuum type Hydrogen water bag


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